Codefocus is a Canadian-Based web developer and designing community-based in 2008 with a group of passionate developers and web designers who’ve been developing online applications since 1998.

We’re working closely with a growing community of talented local web design and development experts,┬áCodefocus can deliver world-class outcomes from design to execution.

Codefocus publishes tutorials and articles about the most recent web trends, techniques and new chances. The group of Codefocus is committed to provide useful, inspiring and innovative content that’s free of charge.

What began as an experimental site became an exciting playground for sharing the passion for web design and web development.

The web is innovating each and every day, pushing the boundaries of how websites are built from the basic structure to the most delicate interaction effects. And on Codefocus we would like to share some of that.

We are constantly looking for creative minds to join us, write for us, research, gather, engage… So, if you want to become a part of Codefocus, please contact us!